Tis the season for goodwill toward men and helping those less fortunate, but one Hawaii State Representative has a weird sense of 'helping' - If you can even call it that.

Representative Tom Brower got tired of nothing being done to alleviate the problem of homelessness in Hawaii, so he decided to take matters into his own hands by picking up a sledgehammer and smashing in the wheels of carts homeless citizens use to store their possessions.

People have criticized Brower's actions to be extreme and potentially dangerous.

Marya Grambs, Executive Director of Mental Health America of Hawaii, told Hawaii News Now that Brower's approach could have a negative affect on the community.

"His message to the public is that it's okay to commit acts of violence against homeless people, against vulnerable people. It's okay for vigilante justice," Grambs told the news network.

One homeless man has already seen Brower's actions first hand and stated that "To see someone banging on stuff like that, it was very scary."

Brower does not destroy every cart he comes across. If there are any visible identifying marks he returns the shopping cart to the business. But if there is no way to identify who the cart belongs to, Brower will take his hammer and smash in the wheels, making the cart unable to be moved from place to place.

Hawaii News Now reports that Brower has destroyed 30 carts and has returned six to merchants and business across Waikiki, Hawaii.

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