Hawks are very common in the Lone Star State, but they’re not typically a threat to humans. 

However, the hawks are so bad in one Texas neighborhood that the US Postal Service temporarily halted all deliveries. Insider is reporting that hawks who were nesting in Austin’s Travis Heights neighborhood have been attacking residents to protect their babies.

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One resident, Eric Klein, said that he can’t walk outside without a hawk swooping past or hitting him. Klein described the attacks as being like getting hit in the head with a rock the size of a fist. 

It’s important to point out that while the hawks are a nuisance, they are a protected species. It’s illegal to kill them or remove them from their nests. 

Nicole Netherton of the county’s Audobon Society says the birds are more territorial than usual due to it being the nesting season. Netherton stressed that the birds will calm down once their babies leave the nest. 

In the meantime, Netherton suggests those who are dealing with the hawks carry an umbrella for protection.

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