With Easter here, kids everywhere are excited for the Easter Bunny to come to town. His baskets are always loads of fun, but what about people out there who make up their own baskets to give to friends and family? The National Retail Federation (NRF) is giving are a few healthy ideas if you’re looking to make up your own fun basket.

Play-Doh: According to Hasbro, seven million Play-Doh Fun Factory play sets have been sold since 1999. It’s one of those items that never goes out of style. We played with it when we were kids, and kids today still enjoy it just as much. Just watch to make sure it doesn’t end up in the carpet, or in your pet’s fur.

Plastic eggs: They can be filled with a number of things from stickers to temporary tattoos and even money. When I’ve hosted Easter egg hunts, someone was always treated to a five-dollar bill, which is always fun. The NRF goes on to suggest marbles if the recipient is old enough, or even glitter. Yet those of us who have worked with glitter know how it gets into everything.

Spring-themed basket: Include seeds, shovels, and gloves to plant flowers or veggies. Watching them grow will last longer than any chocolate bunny, and it’s an educational experience.

Summer-themed basket: You can skip the candy altogether with this basket, which might include flip-flops, sunscreen, a hat, beach towel, and even a new bathing suit. Because bathing suits are hard to shop for, if you aren’t certain about what the recipient wants, perhaps a gift card would suffice.

Magazines: When I was a kid I had every copy of Bop and Tiger Beat, but they have changed over the years. Clearly you don’t want to get your boss a copy of J-14, but if you have a teenager in the house, it might be greatly appreciated. What better way to get a photo of your favorite heartthrob on your bedroom wall?

Regardless of what you fill your basket with, it’s always fun to receive gifts. Have fun, think outside of the box, and enjoy their faces as they discover the treasures in their baskets!