An aging, frost-bitten horse escaped a "kill pen" by trying to blend in with donkeys that were being rescued.

Sue Chapman and her non-profit group Becky's Hope Horse Rescue make monthly trips to so-called "kill pens" to save horses bound for slaughter. While the slaughter of horses is illegal in the United States, old horses and those without owners are usually shipped to Mexico for slaughter. Chapman and her group arrived to pick up 9 mini donkeys they had raised money to rescue, and noticed a horse trying to blend in with the rescued donkeys, telling WFAA,

He just stood there patiently. He didn't try to shoo the donkeys away. He didn't try to fight with them. He just stood there like 'I'm a donkey and you don't realize that I look any different.'

I don't know if he just decided at that moment that he loved donkeys, or if he decided at that moment that he's the donkeys' caretaker.

Knowing that this would be the last chance for the 25-year-old horse who is scarred from frostbite, Chapman bought the horse, brought him home to her 200 acres in Frisco, and named him Bubbles. Chapman posted the story along with a picture of Bubbles to her Facebook page, and the post went viral, being shared thousands of times and resulting in donations pouring in for the horse rescue.

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