Ahhh the classic ding dong ditch prank is still around.

I always wonder if things from my childhood are still around today. I know Volkswagen doesn't make the Beetle anymore, do kids still do punch buggy when they see one? These are the questions I need answered in life. Kids, punch your friend in the arm if you see a Volkswagon Beetle, never let this tradition die.

Another tradition I am glad to see is alive and well in 2021 is the ding dong ditch. Sadly, with doorbell cameras being more and more prevalent nowadays, it's tough to not get caught. For instance, over in Amarillo, a doorbell camera caught a pair of teens doing the harmless prank. They scampered off on horseback after ringing the bell. You can check it out above.

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Also, I think is the moment I know I am still a kid at heart and not an adult yet. This would make me laugh. I know some of you reading this right now probably want these kids arrested. All I'm going to say is, these kids could have done a much worse prank with that horse and that doorstep.


Just have to have some patience, a big bag, and a lighter. Am I introducing a whole new generation of kids to the flaming poo bag? Probably, just keep that s*** away from my house and I'll laugh right along with you.

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