If you've spent an August in Wichita Falls, you've heard of the Hotter'N Hell Hundred. It's one of the largest 100-mile bicycle rides in the world and attracts 12,000 or more cyclists to our fair city one weekend in late August for a ride around Wichita and Clay counties.

Most are familiar with the starting line in downtown Wichita Falls. It stretches along Scott Avenue from 2nd street on back past Big Blue. But once they leave the starting line where do they go? That depends on which distance they're riding. The 100 milers obviously have the longest course, but the other courses wind their way through Wichita and Clay counties. This is something to keep in mind if you happen to live or need access to rural areas along the course. Here's a handy map of where each course goes.

These courses are for the endurance ride, not the race. They have their own course.

Then there are the downtown criterium races, or crits. These are great spectator events as they're inside a couple square blocks downtown and have plenty of great vantage points to see these guys and girls in action. If you don't think a bicycle can go very fast, just head down and watch these races on Friday evening or Sunday morning.

Image Courtesy Hotter N Hell Hundred
Image Courtesy Hotter N Hell Hundred

All of these Hotter'N Hell Hundred events mean that various roads and streets are sometimes closed to normal traffic and the city has provided a convenient list of street closings for the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend, stop by the Finish Line Village to see the goings on even if you're not a cyclist (It might just make you want to become one!), watch the riders on the various courses, and above all, share the road.