When people think about the Hotter’N Hell Hundred bicycle ride they’re usually thinking about riding the 100 mile course in 100 degree weather in the countryside around Wichita Falls. But there are lots of options!

In fact there are courses for almost everyone, including one for families with young children just beginning their life of cycling. We’re talking about the 10k option. It takes place at the same time as all of the other rides, the 100 mile, the 75 mile, the 100k, the 50 mile, and the 25 mile courses, but is geared for the younger set.

They’ll still get to be a part of the excitement of 12,000 or more cyclists lined up on Scott Avenue as two United States Air Force T-38s thunder over their heads. They’ll still be there to hear the roar of the cannon and be a part of one of the biggest bicycle rides in the world. They just won’t go quite so far or quite so fast. And they start at the end of the line so they don’t get overwhelmed by the faster riders.

The 10k course starts along Scott Avenue with the rest of the riders, then curves around and enters into Lucy Park by way of the swinging bridge, winds its way past the falls and eventually finishes back at Finish Line Village.

Courtesy Hotter'N Hell Hundred
Courtesy Hotter'N Hell Hundred / Facebook

You can see all of the routes for the Hotter’N Hell Hundred here.

Of course every participant gets their swag bag and t-shirt when they pick up their ride number and all of the finishers get their Finisher Medal. It’s the perfect way to start your child or grandchild on a lifelong love of cycling and physical activity.

After their epic riding adventure, the 10k finishers will be among the first to enjoy the excitement and fun of the Finish Line Village with things to eat and drink and live musical performances throughout the day.

Dave Diamond

Volunteers are always needed for everything from Host Homes to SAG Wagon drivers, click here to find out more about how you can be a part of this Texas “Ride” of Passage.