The trash left behind after the Hotter'N Hell Hundred last weekend has been claimed -- by a 10-year-old local girl named Ashlynn Grimes.

On Sunday (8/28) one area resident posted photos of a trail of trash left on FM 1177, part of the Triple H course. The photos quickly went locally viral with many Texomans expressing their distaste for the way the roadside was left littered. Hotter'N Hell organizers responded pointing out that the bottles where not given out by them and that the area is not an official rest stop on the HHH course.

10-year-old Ashlynn told NewsChannel 6 that she saves her allowance to buy cases of water to hand out to the riders and cheer them on as they ride by. This year, she bought 18 cases of water. She's been doing this for the last 3 years and has always picked up the trash after.

It’s our fault because it’s our water bottles, and we have to pick them up

Ashlynn and her parents say they are sorry for the mess, and this is the first year that the trash has accidentally extended past their property and they just didn't have time to get to it before the photos were posted and shared across social media. Ashlynn said she was planning on picking up the discarded water bottles, but it was just too late.

Ashlynn Grimes buying water for Hotter'n Hell riders. (photo courtesy of Jonny Grimes)

“Well last year, we had the Hotter'N Hell people. They would come out and pick the trash up, and we would help them as well," Ashlynn said. "By the time we came out here to pick it up, it was already picked up,” She also has no problem taking responsibility for the trash. “It's our fault because it's our water bottles, and we have to pick them up,” she said.

According to one HHH rider, Ashlynn's generosity is just what he needed. Her parents received the following message after the story of the trash went viral:

As one of the many riders who was blessed by her generous spirit, I wanted to say thank you so much. My water bottles (all 3 of them) were empty, and the bottle she gave me was just what I needed to get me to the next stop. I also applaud you handling this with grace in your effort to help people understand the real story. Please give your kiddo a big hug and thank you from this grateful cyclist"

Ashlynn plans to be out there handing out water to riders again next year, and has already started saving her allowance.

As for the Red Bull cans left behind, those were handed out by an independent distributor, which the HHH organizers were unaware of. Ashlynn says that if the Red Bull cans are left again next year, she'll make sure they get picked up, too.

HHH organizers have invited anyone interested in helping out with the event to come and join the steering committee or volunteer with a rest area for next year’s event. Just contact Darlene, the volunteer coordinator, directly at 940-733-1532 or