Last month, a Lawton boy was dared to take part in a dangerous stunt known as 'The Fire Challenge.' This stunt consists of people putting body spray or alcohol on the skin and setting themselves on fire. How did this dangerous dare get its start to where people all over are attempting it for viral video fame? Like all stupid stunts nowadays, we can thank the internet for that.

According to Know Your Meme, 'The Fire Challenge' got its start in April 2012 on YouTube, by YouTube user 1BlazinEagle1. In the video he didn't use any flammable liquids or ignition starters to get the fire going, just his chest hair. The end result was only a few singed hairs, no actual harm.

The challenge evolved in 2013 on Vine by Roland Constantino. He evolved the challenge by making a flame come in contact or come in near contact of his body. In his video, he brought a flame close to his lips and held it for a few seconds. It was this video, that this stunt would be given its own hashtag, #firechallenge.

A few months later, in the same year, the fire challenge appeared again on YouTube by YouTube user Fana Long. In his challenge that was when ignition starters began to come in. He took hand sanitizer and applied it on his hand. He then lit his hand on fire and extinguished it after a couple seconds.

Over two weeks later after that video, 1BlazinEagle1 would strike again by uping the challenge to include lighting leg hair and pants. The video has just recently been taken down by Youtube.

The challenge got widespread attention when a 15-year-old boy named James Shores from Buffalo, NY and another 15-year-old boy from Lexington, KY would attempt the challenge.

Both Shores and the Kentucky teen poured rubbing alcohol on their bodies and set themselves on fire.

The Kentucky boy suffered second degree burn injuries. Shores, the kid from Buffalo, died from his injuries and would be the first death reported from teens partaking in the challenge.

Since then, Facebook has made attempts to take down any video post and status updates that show the fire challenge.

According to KSWO, The boy from Lawton that participated in the challenge suffered from second and third degree burns on his upper body. Doctors say that it could take up to two years for his injuries to fully heal.

With new trends coming and dying faster than ever thanks to the internet and social media, we should take to time to learn the upcoming viral trends and talk to our kids about the dangers of repeating dangerous viral video stunts. But it can be tough since the people in these viral videos aren't celebrities, but average regular everyday people.

Staying media savvy can come in handy in these situations, but at the same time don't let the same media cloud your judgement and make you over react from these situations. It's easy to over react nowadays, especially when you Google search a new story to find hundreds of thousands of results talking about the same story.