So, it's time to make your picks for the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge, and as a veteran Bracket Filler Outer (Yes, that's a real term, at least in my world) I figured I could offer up some advice on the dos and don'ts of filling out your bracket.

1) If you are looking for the easiest way, just go with the highest seed...sometimes...

Yeah, there is a reason that certain teams get seeded higher, so that's usually the easiest way, but don't let it be your only decision.  Only 1 time in the history of the modern tournament have all 4 teams in the final four been #1 seeds. (2008)  Pick at least one #2 seed if you want to be an easy pick but also right

Don't be shocked if someone from a lower seeds get in though, it's happened a few times.

2) Never pick the upsets that don't make sense

In the history of the tournament never has a #16 seed beat a #1. Don't ruin your entire bracket on the first week just cause you have a hunch.

3) Plan for at least an upset

The best part about the tournament is the Cinderella teams that go further than ever and upset the big names.  Go ahead and pick an underdog to go to at least the elite 8.  As someone who grew up in Kansas and went to Kansas State, I'd go ahead and say, picking KU to lose to someone that they shouldn't lose to is usually a good bet ;)

Check out these upsets to get a good feel for it!

4) When in doubt, pick your favorite.

If you get stuck, just pick your favorite team. Yeah, it may not be what happens, but at least you know you were happy with what you picked. Plus, I've been beaten in a bracket challenge by a girl who picked winners based on team colors. You never know what's going to happen.

Good Luck! And don't forget, make you picks before Thursday if you want that chance at $1 Million!