I would have bet every penny in my bank account that something like this would have happened to these scooters.

I'm letting folks know right now, if you enjoy these scooters in downtown Wichita Falls, you better speak up. This is just the beginning of the end (in my opinion), for you to enjoy riding these things in downtown Wichita Falls. Honestly, in my experience the past few months driving downtown. I have not had any problems with scooter drivers. I have had way more issues with people blowing through red lights on their bicycles downtown than someone riding these scooters.

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Maybe I am in the minority on this, but some folks have been complaining about them to the Wichita Falls City Council. According to KAUZ, those complaints included riders not abiding by traffic laws, underage kids riding without parental supervision and people riding out in the streets until 2 a.m.


It looks like a decision was made to deal with at least one of the issues. Scooters will no longer operate past 11PM. Since the scooters have a mini computer inside that can prevent folks from leaving downtown with them. They will now stop working after 11.


For the first issue, I don't know how you stop that. I have that complaint with bike riders in our town at least once a week. I don't think this is the scooter company's fault. Finally underage kids riding without adult supervision? Well according to our lovely Wichita Falls website, you must be at least 18 years old to ride.

You have to have a phone to activate the scooter, plus a debit or credit card on the app to purchase time on the scooter. Sounds to me like parents have put their card on their kids phones so they can use these things. Not sure how you enforce this unless we start carding everyone riding these things. Are we going to have to add an additional step of scan your drivers license into the app before riding?

Best of luck to the scooter company and dealing with the complainers. You will never satisfy everyone in this town. Even if these things were operating with no issues, people would still be complaining.

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