It's hot in North Texas. Nothing really unusual here; summer in Wichita Falls has always been a little stressful, to say the least.

Extremes in the weather, especially temperatures, can cause some crazy things to happen. Buckling of the pavement on roadways is actually not that uncommon, especially with the extreme heat we’re experiencing in Texoma right now.

Ken Johnson Facebook
Ken Johnson

KAUZ meteorologist Ken Johnson posted this image to Facebook of a portion of his street that buckled under the extreme heat conditions.  According to

"A pavement blow-up occurs when the roadway surface expands at a crack or joint where moisture has seeped in…that crack weakens the pavement and the heat causes the pavement to buckle and warp. This usually occurs on very hot afternoons, as the maximum temperature for the day is reached, typically during afternoons with 90-degree or hotter temperatures."

With temps setting new records the past couple of days and forecast highs expected to top 107 in many areas, this could be an even more common sight. If you come upon a street that has buckled, it’s best to not drive over it, as you could do damage to your tires or even worse.

Drive around it, if possible, or turn around and detour. In Wichita Falls, you can call the dispatch non-emergency number, 720-5000, and let them know the location. During the weekdays, you can contact the City of Wichita Falls Streets Department directly at 761-7970

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