If ever I've read about a 'Doh!' moment, this is it.  Honest mistake?  No way.  Brainless, dumb air-headed mistake on the part of ALL concerned?  That's close.

An Asian woman steps away from a tour in Iceland, just for a few moments, and ends up being reported as 'missing'.  The fact is, she was never missing.  She changed clothes.  That's all.  And what happened next is just beyond stupid.

A full scale search was launched (well, full scale by Iceland standards) and authorities even had a helicopter on stand-by.  I'm surprised they didn't put her face on a milk carton or put billboards on the sheep.

The 'missing' woman even joined the search party for herself.  That's right, Jenny Genius actually joined the search party that was trying to find her.  Finally, she realizes that SHE is the missing woman.  Whuddayaknow!  The search party of some fifty people were less than amused.

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