We’re going back to the old saying once again, ‘Everything is Bigger in Texas’, and that is true when discussing the size of some schools in the state of Texas. It’s crazy when you start to discuss the number of students that show up for class each day in some of these schools. It would take a gigantic school and large number of faculty members to make everything work. Let’s dig into just how big the 12 largest public high schools are in the state of Texas. 

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When I graduated high school there were approximately 320 in my graduating class, it wasn’t huge, but it was a large number of graduates. I also remember the graduation ceremony taking more than an hour so I couldn’t imagine how long the ceremony would be if there were over 1,000 people graduating at the same time like you will find in the schools listed below.  

Online Schools Not Listed 

When creating the list below I wanted to remove all online schools seeing as how the top 2 schools have over 10,000 students but they will never be in classroom together. The list below is in-person public high schools all across the state of Texas.  

Let’s Look at the 12 Biggest High Schools in Texas 

These schools are so large they almost run like their own little communities. Let’s look at the 12 largest high schools in the state of Texas and how many students are enrolled in each of the public high schools. 

12 Largest Public High Schools in Texas

These Texas public high schools are gigantic here is a look at the 12 largest including the number of students that are currently enrolled in classes.

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