Just like everywhere else in the country, there is drug use here in Texas. Our law enforcement officers do a great job to try and stop as drug use and trafficking as possible but it’s happening all the time so it’s difficult to stop everything. We know that in some U.S. states marijuana is legal and we hear about meth and other drugs being found in Texas but there is something new going around that you need to be aware of.  

Just about everyone has heard of Fentanyl and the dangers of using the drug. It’s simple even a small amount just one time could kill you. Which is why you hear so much talk about the dangers of this horrible drug. Unfortunately, Fentanyl has already made its way to Texas and it’s gotten so bad that Governor Abbott even created a Texas Fentanyl Data Dashboard. 

Information Regarding the ‘Pink Drug’ 

This new ‘Pink Drug’ that we are hearing about in other states is more of that disgusting drug Fentanyl. But this new version of it looks like a pink heart-shaped candy. Which could lead to kids eating it believing that it is a sugary treat. Remember the saying, ‘when in doubt, throw it out.’ The last thing you want is to have that dangerous drug laying. 

More Details About the Dangerous New Drug 

There is lots of great information regarding the dangerous new drug found here if you want to know more. Just be very careful with anything pink colored that you might find, it’s something that you won’t even want to touch, but you will want to throw it away immediately.  

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