It was in December 2020 that a nurse received the first COVID vaccination.

Two years have flown by and those of us who have chosen to get vaccinated are not zombies. We haven't seen any health problems. In fairness, we've also seen that the vaccination is not 100% effective (but who knows how bad we would have got it, or how many times without the vaccine).

Photo by Medakit Ltd on Unsplash
Photo by Medakit Ltd on Unsplash

I don't particularly care at this point whether people get vaccinated or not. We are at least at a place where we can protect the most vulnerable among us. This isn't a cop-out towards the anti-vax crowd either, who I regard as selfish and cowardly. When the time came up to step up for the health of United States citizens, some people chose not to sacrifice. That's okay, a hero lives forever and a coward dies a thousand deaths. When the history of the pandemic is written, it's those who helped stem the tide that will come out on top.


The question going forward is, can we continue to improve the effectiveness of these vaccines? Again, I feel like the elderly, and people with special needs and/or health problems will still need to vaccinate in order to live the best lives. I will continue to get an annual, right alongside my flu shot. It's a little needle prick (and sometimes a half-day of feeling bad).

When we needed it, most of the world came together to save itself and that's pretty darn special. Congrats to all of you who pitched in and helped.

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