So what is golf about?

Is golf about recreation, getting a little exercise? Maybe it's about networking with business partners. Or, could it be about partying like a madman? Maybe it's a little bit of all of these things.

I have never understood the overall appeal of golf, but I certainly don't have objections to it. It just seems like a really long activity that happens outdoors, and outdoors is not one of my favorite places to be. Still, the other day, when it was 105 degrees, I drove by my local golf course and there were tons of guys whacking away at the balls. I guess I have to salute you guys because I think 105 degrees is too dang ol' hot to take out the garbage (Said in Boomhauers voice).

So let's get to it. A poll of 1,500 golfers across the U.S. found out which states drink the most while playing.  Topping the list were Florida golfers at 4.8 drinks per round, and not to be course-shamed, Texas was close behind at 4.6 drinks per round.

I guess this begs the question, "So are people leaving the course hammered?" There is so much that goes into that equation that it's hard to determine the answer but to be fair to golfers, as far as the criteria established here goes, the answer is probably "no". A round of golf can run from two to four hours or more, so even a lightweight drinker, playing a superfast round, would most likely not be too tipsy at 4.6 drinks (Of course more drinks means more problems).

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