If you have never been to a Renaissance Festival, I recommend going. Apparently one in our state will be getting national attention very soon.

Texas Is Home to SIXTEEN Renaissance Festivals This Year

I was curious, how many actual Renaissance Festivals take place in our famous state and I was shocked how many we have. According to the site RenList, we have got quite a few. However, one claims to be not just the biggest in Texas, but the biggest in the entire country.

The Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas

Located just outside of Houston in Todd Mission, Texas the Texas Renaissance Festival will be celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, HBO will be releasing a three part mini series on the festival changing hands to a new owner.

Current Owner George Caulam

Looks like this show will be following the story of George Caulam picking his successor. George has been a part of this thing since it opened in 1974 and it seems like he is finally ready to retire and let someone else takeover. According to Houston's Chron, the story will follow the battle between two current employees. General manager Jeffrey Baldwin, a by-the-book community theater veteran desperate for Coulam's approval, and Louie Migliaccio, the kettle korn kingpin who owns several of the festival's vendor sites and attractions.

Over the weekend, the first episode was shown at SXSW in Austin apparently critics are excited to check out the full thing. Sadly, no trailer has been released to the public yet, but this three part series is set to start streaming on Max at some point this summer. We will have to wait and see for more. As someone who grew up going to the Renaissance Festival every year, I will definitely be watching.

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