If You're Tired Of Waiting MONTHS To Get A Drivers License Appointment, A Texas Teen Has Found A Solution.

My drivers license recently expired but before it did, I went to the Texas DPS License appointment site and the earliest available date for one was a month AFTER my license would have expired.

I didn't want to risk driving around without a license for a month so I had two choices:

  • A. Find An Earlier Appointment Date At Another DMV Office Somewhere Else
  • Camp out in front of the DMV before they open and get line.

I went to plan B. If you manage to get there early, you can possibly reserve a cancelled appointment and be seen the same day.

I burned a PTO day but thankfully, I got my new license done that same day but now I wished I had known about DriveIt.

What Is DriveIt?

DriveIt is a website that matches customers with cancelled DMV appointments. Users can enter their preferences based on zip code, distance and date. Its technology can save you MONTHS of time and get you back out on the road faster.

And you'll be surprised by who launched this company: A 13-year-old from Frisco.

Sowmya Nandyala launched her company three months ago, and she already has more than 300 people who have used DriveIt.

According to a report by WFAA, Nandyala, had to tag along with her parents for a DMV appointment last year only to find out that.the fastest appointment was a six month wait or to get a faster appointment, they would have to travel 60 miles north.

Like most young people, she learned that "government" doesn't seem to care about finding a solution to the mess they make so she launched her site where they boast that they have collectively saved customers more than 10 years of wait time. She hopes to take her company nationwide.

Is There A Cost? Of Course!

Photo source: Texas Department of Public Safety's website
Photo source: Texas Department of Public Safety's website

For senior citizens, DriveIt is free. For others, it costs $10 dollars to book a DMV appointment through DriveIt. Customers can refresh for new appointments as many times as they want until they find a good fit so give it try.

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