One of the rarest snakes in North America is avoiding extinction thanks to the efforts of the Fort Worth Zoo.

Their conservation efforts for Louisiana pine snakes began in 2015 to preserve the highly endangered species. Their efforts have allotted for the release of nearly 230 snakes into the wild, including 75 snakes that were just released on May 9, 2024.

They raise these snakes for the purpose of releasing them back into their natural habitat in the Kisatche National Forest in Louisiana. This is one of four programs across North America that is focused on saving the Louisiana pine snake population.

If you live in the area, don’t worry, these snakes are non-venomous and do not pose any threat to humans.

The clutch that was just released hatched back in 2023 and was kept in captivity just klong enough for them to mature and grow to a size that they can survive on their own in the wild.

These efforts are important to help preserve species and keep a balance in our local ecosystems. Although the loss of a snake might not seem like much to most people, it is important to save endangered species, especially if they are endangered due to human infrastructure.

I am happy they there are people out there that care so much for these animals and work to keep our world a better place, one snake at a time. Hopefully, as these efforts continue, we can call this a ‘slithering success’ and see Louisiana pine snakes removed from the endangered species list.

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