Everyone has seen the footage of people throwing ridiculous tantrums on planes.  That's still rare overall, but every flight has small-time offenders of airplane manners.

In a new poll, 78% of Americans say air travel etiquette has worsened over the past few years. These are things like:

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1.  Putting bags on seats in the terminal.

2.  Reclining your seat on the plane without asking.

3.  Not putting your phone on airplane mode.

4.  Passing gas in your seat.

5.  Leaving garbage in the seat pocket.

6.  Asking people to switch seats on the plane.

7.  Lying down in the terminal

8.  Using both armrests, if you're not in the middle seat.

9.  Hanging or resting your legs in the aisle.

10.  Ignoring the seatbelt sign.

11.  Pushing on or kicking the seat in front of you.

12.  Drinking too much.

13.  Wearing strong cologne or perfume.

14.  Going barefoot on the plane.

15.  Bringing strong-smelling food on the plane.


A report also broke down these "naughty travel habits" by state and the results are interesting.

The states that have the BEST flying manners are: Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maine.

The states with the WORST flying etiquette are: Iowa, Illinois, Virginia, Texas, Georgia, California, Washington, Nebraska, Utah and Colorado.

I can't imagine we're THAT bad! I've been to many airports in other states and countries and they're behavior is WAY worse that Texans!

I have a hard time believing that people from Arkansas and Alabama even remember to put on shoes before boarding the plane!

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