How cute is this?

Watch as an orangutan knocks on the glass of its enclosure at the zoo in Louisville, Kentucky to get the attention of one mother.

The mom, who is standing near the exhibit, is directed over by the orangutan so that it can get a glimpse of the baby she is holding.

Once the woman, who is holding the baby, put the baby closer to the glass the orangutan takes a closer look and even appears to kiss the glass.

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You can hear all of those around the baby take in the precious moment and the baby at one moment even appears to make eye contact with the wild animal.

The orangutan is a beautiful animal and has human-like characteristics, one being it stays close to its offspring for years.

Perhaps this orangutan felt the connection with the baby, and luckily it was all caught on camera for you and me to witness.

I hope you'll share this video with others so that they too can see just how gentle this orangutan is at the zoo in Kentucky.


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