If you're driving around Louisiana with a rhinestone steering wheel cover in your vehicle you may want to remove it today.

Sure, these steering wheel covers may be attractive and at times even comfortable to touch, but they pose a serious threat to your safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the decorative rhinestones on the steering wheel cover or those placed on the center of the steering wheel can become "shrapnel-like projectiles."

In the event that you're in an accident and the airbag in your vehicle is deployed, the cute decorative rhinestones placed on the steering wheel could fly into your face and even into your eyes.


If such happens, experts say that this could cause permanent damage to your vision and that this is something that should really consider removing from your vehicle.

According to one report by the NHTSA, "At least one driver suffered a serious injury that resulted in the loss of sight in one eye, when an aftermarket emblem adorned with rhinestones became dislodged from the steering wheel in a crash and hit the driver in the face."

Again, many of us like to add decorative things to our vehicles but rhinestones on the steering wheel can be very dangerous and it is time to consider removing them if you've placed them on the steering wheel of your vehicle.

Here's a report of someone injured in an accident as a result of rhinestones being placed around or on their steering wheel.


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