Wait, how did that get there?

A brightly shining monolith has seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the mountainous area of Las Vegas.

Where Did The Las Vegas Monolith Come From?

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to a report of a large, shiny object spotted in a nearby mountain range. An Associated Press report stated a search and rescue team from the department was greeted by a gleaming monolith.

"We see a lot of weird things when people go hiking like not being prepared for the weather, not bringing enough water... but check this out," Las Vegas police wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

A photo accompanying the post shows the monolith showing the reflection of the remote, mountainous area.

The police department went on to use the post as an opportunity to educate hikers about being prepared when hitting the trails.

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This does appear, however, to be more than a stunt to draw attention to the dangers of hiking in remote areas of Nevada.

Other Monolith Sightings In Recent Years

The Las Vegas Review-Journal dug into the local monolith sighting, but has been unable to find out how it got all the way into a remote part of the mountains.

"They look like alien artifacts," the publication noted.

Newsweek was quick to point out this is far from the first time a monolith has been spotted in that region of the U.S.

The website's timeline of monolith discoveries has one being spotted in a desert area in Utah in November 2020. While no one knows how the object ended up in the middle of nowhere, Newsweek says it was removed about 10 days later by a group of men who were concerned about increased traffic from those wanting to catch a glimpse of the monolith.

Additional monoliths in the past five years have been found in Romania, San Diego and Washington, D.C. A total of 18 were discovered in less than two months in 2020.

Film buffs may also remember monoliths being featured in director Stanley Kubrick's 1968 movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have yet to provide an update on the investigation.

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