Louisiana is currently capturing the imagination of people around the world after Breaux Farms in Kaplan announced the birth of a rare two-faced calf, affectionately named "Deux Face." In case you're wondering, this is certainly an extraordinary occurrence and is quickly going viral, with photos and videos of the calf drawing shares and heart reactions far beyond the borders of south Louisiana.

The "unique" calf was born on the morning of February 28, surprising the farm's owners. According to a Facebook post by Breaux Farms, the calf's birth was unexpected, especially since the cow had previously delivered two calves without any complications. The phenomenon of a calf being born with two faces is exceptionally rare, with the odds being "one in 400 million."

Breaux Farms LLC, Facebook
Breaux Farms LLC, Facebook

Deux Face was still alive and well as of the evening of February 29, defying the odds with each passing day. The calf has two ears, four eyes, two noses, and two mouths, with everything from the ears back appearing normal. Despite the challenges, Deux Face is receiving exceptional care, including bottle feeding, as she is not yet strong enough to nurse from her mother or stand on her own.

This isn't the first instance of a two-faced calf making headlines. In 2016, a calf named Lucky lived beyond the previous record of 40 days for such a genetic mutation, as reported by National Geographic. The condition, known as diprosopus or craniofacial duplication, can occur in a few different ways, including incomplete separation of a fertilized egg or overexpression of a gene controlling head width.

While most animals with such conditions do not survive long after birth, the care and attention provided by their caretakers can significantly impact their quality of life. For now, we're staying close to the fascinating story of Deux Face and rooting for her as we await the next update from Breaux Farms.

The farm has made it clear that Deux Face is not for sale, focusing instead on providing her with the best care possible for as long as she continues to defy the odds.

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Gallery Credit: Katherine Gallagher

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