Yes, you read that right. This Texas condo has a pool with a eunuch, errr unique design.

One of the more hoity - toity ... that means "snazzy" ... neighborhoods in Houston, River Oaks, is where you will find a very nice, 2 bedroom condo for sale with a pool that needs a condo - m.

Yep, it's got a d*** pool and come, (no pun intended), to find out; there are similar pools all over the world. Some (#1) aren't quite as exciting ... wait, make that exciTED ... as the others. Salvador Dali had one too ... a really big one. (Cue in to :45.)

One back story regarding the "penis pool" in Texas has to do with the contractor who built the place getting stiffed ... no pun intended ... by the developer and altering the pools design out of spite.

However it happened, it happened and you can see photos here. I would have inserted them ... no pun intended ... here but HR would have a fit if they caught me posting d*** pics.

Realtor Tina Thao Nguyen, the listing agent for one of the units for sale, said she didn't give a second thought to the pool until some friends pointed out its unusual shape. The 835-foot condo she's representing includes two bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom with dual sinks, a recently remodeled kitchen, and a ground-floor terrace overlooking the pool. - CHRON

I wonder if those dual sinks have a long "trough" between them to compliment the pool.

Ok, ok ... last one ... are cannonBALLS allowed?

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