Big Rogan fan? Then get your tickets early for this one.

It's still insane to me how popular Joe Rogan is. Not saying the dude isn't talented or funny. The man has been grinding in the industry for years and he is now considered the biggest podcaster on the planet. Before Joe's podcast, he was a standup comedian. I'll never forget the first time I learned about this. It was when he called out Carlos Mencia for stealing jokes.

It's an all time video of him not backing down. All these years later, people probably don't even remember Carlos Mencia, but they know Joe Rogan. It is nice to say that Joe Rogan is a Texan now. He records his podcast out of Austin and it looks like things are going well for him.

He just announced a show at the Majestic Theatre over in Dallas for July 29th. I love how Joe's poster for the event was clearly inspired by the infamous porno, 'Debbie Does Dallas'. By the way, did you know they made TWELVE 'Debbie Does Dallas' films? If that's a trivia question in the future, you're welcome.

Joe just sold out Dickies Arena over in Fort Worth back in April. This is a much smaller venue, so if you want to go. Get those tickets when they go on sale Friday. I imagine they will sell out quick.

We have got a lot of great events this summer in Texas to look forward to. If you want to see what's happening this weekend in Wichita Falls, check it out here.

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