This kid went above and beyond for the people of Texas. 

Drew Frank is thirteen-years-old and just went through his bar mitzvah. It's the Jewish tradition of becoming a man. It's a huge deal with usually a party afterward and a lot of gifts given to the new man. Drew asked that he be given cash donations instead of gifts at his bar mitzvah. Not because he wanted to keep the money. He wanted to donate it to a non-profit called the Braden Aboud Foundation.

They donate shoes and socks to the less fortunate. Drew got around $25,000 for his bar mitzvah and it all went to the Braden Aboud Foundation. Drew's donation gave Texas residents around 800 pairs of socks and shoes. Of those 800 shoes, 420 of them went to the children at Beall Elementary in El Paso. The other 380 will be going to an El Paso orphanage and a YWCA transitional living center for women and children, according to USA Today.

"I'm giving sneakers to these kids who may otherwise not have new sneakers," Frank told KPNX. "They just get shoes that have been passed down from generation to generation. I just wanted to give back to these kids who are less fortunate than me."

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