Looks like a new partnership could be taking off which hopefully leads to Wichita Falls finally getting the hookup with some Krispy Kremes in town.

Can I just say, I am shocked at this point that Wichita Falls does not have a Krispy Kreme location. I really truly thought after Krispy Kreme chose our city for their anniversary celebration, we would get a location by now. In case you're new to Wichita Falls, back in 2015 Krispy Kreme chose our city to host a doughnut party thanks to a series of videos we made.

Ever since then, I have been patiently waiting for them to announce a location in our city. We clearly love Krispy Kremes here. I remember some benefit was going in Wichita Falls a few years ago where you could buy a dozen Krispy Kremes and help out a charity. I swear their was a pallet of doughnuts in our city that people were selling.

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All these years later, still no Krispy Kremes in Wichita Falls. Well maybe this is how we get one here. It looks like McDonald's and Krispy Kreme are working on a collaboration. As of right now, it will only be happening in Louisville, Kentucky (Damn!). McDonald's will start selling the top three doughnuts that Krispy Kreme offers. That will include the original glaze, but I don't know what the other two will be. I am assuming chocolate cake glazed and chocolate with sprinkles.


Hopefully this collaboration is a success and it goes nationwide. All I know is, the people of Wichita Falls want a Krispy Kreme here and we need to find a way to make it happen.

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