In a time where Texas doesn't have the best public perception when it comes to LGBT, McKinney High School has silenced critics by crowning a lesbian homecoming queen.

April Swartz-Larson was nominated by her friend Emilee who noted April as the nicest person in school and the reason for the nomination.  April, whose been openly gay since the 8th grade, admitted that she was not a likely favorite to win the crown, especially in McKinney,

I’m not the typical choice for homecoming queen at all. I’m gay, first of all, and I’m gay… living in McKinney.

Attending the homecoming game in boots and a tuxedo, April admits that it would be weird for people to see her wearing a typical homecoming dress.  April was accompanied to the football field by her father Darrin who was originally concerned her nomination for Homecoming Queen was a cruel prank,

First I was nervous because I was afraid someone was playing a joke on her, but when I found out it was serious, I was just so happy for her.

April was announced as the Homecoming Queen at the October 3rd game, which was met with a large ovation from the crowd, and was then interviewed live by the McKinney CBS affiliate.

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