One of the few highlights from last night for the boys was Byron Jones not letting the Titans celebrate on the star. We all had flashbacks to George Teague, so let's go back to the year 2000.

Last night Kevin Byard for the Tennessee Titans picked off Dak Prescott near the end of the first quarter. Byard decided to run to the fifty and do a dance on the Star. Byron Jones came up and shoved the Titans off. If you're anything like me, you had flashbacks to eighteen years ago. So let's go back, to the year 2000.

September 24, 2000, to be exact. The San Fransico 49ers are at the old Texas Stadium. Troy Aikman is still on the Cowboys, along with Emmitt as well. Terrell Owens and Jeff Garcia are still on good terms in San Francisco. The two teams would meet up for an early season matchup.

Terrell Owens would score a touchdown in the first quarter on this day and run to the fifty-yard line. He would look up to the heavens and stretch out his arms. They say the reason Texas Stadium had the hole in the roof is so God could watch his favorite team. Terrell decided to give thanks to God after his touchdown. That is what he says he was doing, Several Cowboys did not see it this way, including Emmitt Smith.

The Cowboys next possession, Emmitt Smith would score and would run to the fifty. He slammed the football down on the Star, while staring down the 49ers bench. It would actually be a while before things get crazy as we all remember.

In the fourth quarter, Terrell Owens would score again. He would run to the fifty again and would slam the ball down on the Star like Emmitt did. Almost as soon as that ball touches the Star, George Teague comes out of nowhere and decks Owens. A minor brawl ensues and Owens still stands on the Star.

A fun little moment between two rival teams that we will always remember. If you would have told me on this day that one day Terrell Owens would be a Cowboy, I would have NEVER believed you. Crazy to think, only six years later he would. After last night's game, I think we have a new unwritten rule for the Dallas Cowboys. If you're given the number 31, it is your job to defend the star.

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