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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick spoke at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Policy Orientation on Wednesday and was asked about last week's riot at the United States Capitol.

Patrick was asked who he thought attacked the United States Capitol and Patrick didn't hold back with his answer according to the Dallas Morning News.

“We have to admit they were Trump people. Enough of saying it’s antifa; it’s not true,” Patrick said at an Austin conference organized by the Texas Public Policy Foundation. “But we also have to say enough of the Democrats who have amnesia, who are focusing on this terrible act that happened when for all of the summer and fall they burned down police stations and offices.”

Patrick told the gathering that he was not supportive of President Trump being impeached and that Americans have a right to be suspicious of the 2020 Election. According to the Dallas Morning News, Patrick told the Texas Public Policy Foundation that he wasn't in the camp that says, "yes it was stolen" but then added he "didn't know".

Over the weekend, the Lieutenant Governor put out a press release calling for calm in the United States and calling for political rhetoric to be toned down.

Most importantly, we must end the caustic hateful rhetoric toward each other that proliferates on social media, electronic, print media, and in our streets. If we cannot respect others political views and are bent on destroying everyone who supports a candidate we don’t agree with or who runs for or holds office, our nation is doomed.

The Lt. Governor continued to say he would fight for conservative policies and be against the socialist left.

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