Tonight, Paul Ryan will take the stage and bloody the nose of Joe Biden.  Do I sound a bit confident?  Well, I am.  Paul Ryan is one the sharpest guys in politics, in my most humble and well informed opinion.  Joe Biden is the polar opposite.

President Obama says that “Joe needs to go out there and just be Joe.”  I agree, Mr. President.  Bad for you sir, but good for us.  After all, this is the same Joe Biden who referred to you as that “clean, articulate” black guy who we could all get behind.  Yep, old Joe sure is good for a laugh.  If a republican had made that statement, they'd have been tossed into the nearest active volcano.  Will more deep wisdom fly from his lips tonight?  Oh, I'll bet!

Supposedly, the VP has been off the campaign trail training for tonight’s debate.  But Biden has a condition known as diarrhea of the mouth.  His handlers can’t get a handle on him in an average setting.  All Paul Ryan needs to do is push just the right button and ‘Old Joe will be off and running.  So, what should you really be looking for tonight?  Three key things to look for:

  1.  VP Biden’s inability to convey a message that actually helps his boss is something Paul Ryan can and should capitalize on.  His statements of late have done more harm than good for BHO.   The man is gaffe prone to a degree that is becoming almost scary.  His line last week about how tough the economy has been on American’s these last four years could prove to be a silver bullet for Paul Ryan.  But Biden is an experienced debater.  And that’s just about all Biden brings to this table.  Paul Ryan needs to hit hard, fast and hobble the VP quickly.  Once he stumbles, he won’t recover to a level that will impress anyone.
  2. Paul Ryan-a master at engaging people on a ‘localized’ level, especially with facts.  He’s a numbers geek and I like that about him.  He can quote Obamacare, chapter and verse.  Biden cannot.  Obama couldn’t do it in debate #1 against Romney.   So, can Ryan dazzle on the national stage?  Yes he can!
  3. It’s not just what they say, but how they say it.  This economy is in the toilet.  And it does not matter how much of that is perception and how much of that is reality.  Perception is reality.  The perception of much of the American public is that fuel prices are too high, jobs too scarce and the government spends too much.  They have to address these issues in terms that YOU will respond to.  Again, Dr. Gaffe, Joe Biden, is more likely to stumble if Ryan nails him right in the chops from the get go.  I think you’ll be far more impressed with Ryan than Biden on the delivery of the message, even if you disagree on policy.  Of course, if you’re a democrat, you will almost certainly deny this.  If your MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, you may have to be institutionalized after tonight.

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