It was an exciting time to be a Dallas Cowboys fan in Wichita Falls. Unfortunately, a horrible incident happened just a few weeks into the inaugural training camp in our city.

As many folks know, I only moved to Wichita Falls because the Dallas Cowboys had training camp here. If it was not for that, I would not have gone to Midwestern State and my life would be completely different. I thought it would be so cool to go to the college that the Dallas Cowboys once practiced at. Yeah, I am that crazy of a super fan.

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If you walk around MSU, you can see pictures from the training camp back in the day. I will put a bunch towards the end of this story. One of the players featured prominently back in the day was Michael Irvin. He would only take part in two of the Wichita Falls training camps in 1998 and 1999. Just four games into the 1999, he suffered a spine injury and called it a career.


Just one year prior though, Michael somehow didn't face serious consequences for a supposed incident at Midwestern State University. I need to say this before I continue, these incidents allegedly happened. The players involved have never officially come out and stated that this happened. However, enough anonymous sources and some detailed reporting from the Dallas Morning News back in the day. Have led this to become legend at this point.

On July 29, 1998 the Dallas Cowboys were hanging out in McCullough Trigg hall on campus. In case you do not know, these are the sophomore dorms on campus. During the Dallas Cowboys training camp, the players actually used these exact dorms to live in. Apparently, one of the common areas in Trigg was turned into a makeshift barber shop.

An offensive linemen by the name of Everett McIver was in the chair getting a haircut when Michael Irvin allegedly walked in wanting to get a haircut. He apparently was insistent that McIver get up so he can get his haircut, even though McIver was not finished with his.

Now some may say this was 'rookie hazing' because Michael Irvin was one of THE faces of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty at the time. I want to make this clear because I have heard this 'rookie hazing' thing as well and I am calling bulls***. It is true, this was McIver's first season with the Dallas Cowboys in a long time. Some people do not know this, he was actually on the practice squad during the team's 1993 Super Bowl run.

So I think Irvin was aware of McIver, even though the two hadn't played together in quite some time. 1998 was his first season back with the team. McIver was being looked at to replace guard Nate Newton who was on the tail end of his career. So it's not like McIver was still the practice squad guy.

McIver stood his ground and refused to get up. This is when a fight broke out between the two. Allegedly what happened next is Michael Irvin grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed Everett McIver in the neck. McIver apparently needed stitches from the supposed two inch stab wound in his neck.


This would now be know as "Scissor-gate". Michael Irvin faced no suspension from this incident, so what happened. As you may know, Michael Irvin had some drug issues back in the day, he plead guilty in 1996 to second-degree felony cocaine possession in exchange for four years' deferred probation. So if Michael Irvin gets caught stabbing someone, not only is his NFL career done, he is going to prison.

The Dallas Morning News back in the day had a story that Jerry Jones paid Everett McIver somewhere in the six figures to not talk about the incident. In the years since, you can't find anything on McIver ever speaking up about it. He has only said some 'horseplay' happened in the dorms. However, with that Dallas Morning News story, the word has gotten out over the years.

Also, this was just under TWO WEEKS of the Cowboys first ever training camp in Wichita Falls. They reported on July 16th, 1998. McIver's wound was apparently just a few inches from his carotid artery. If those scissors hit that, I don't think the Cowboys could sweep it under the rug.

It's crazy to me that McIver was actually on the Dallas Cowboys the entire 1998 and 1999 season as well. You would think he would want to get the hell out of there. He played in 19 games over those two seasons due to suffering some injuries. He would play in just one more season after that with the Atlanta Falcons before calling it a career.

Sadly all these years later, Everett McIver is known as the guy that didn't take s*** from Michael Irvin and allegedly got stabbed for it.

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