Controversial TikTok beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira is under fire from the beauty community after allegedly lying about a L'Oreal mascara.

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Mikayla went viral with a TikTok video of her raving about L'Oreal's Telescopic mascara product.

"This literally just changed my life," Mikayla begins in the clip, before applying the mascara to her eyelashes.

After adding one coat, she notes she's going to add a second coat of product before the camera cuts to the final result, revealing intensely thick and long lashes.

"Look at the length. Do you see that? I am speechless," Mikayla says.

Watch the video, below:

However, viewers are alleging that the "mascara" seen at the end of the video appears to be false eyelashes, since Mikayla's natural lashes are much shorter than how they appear at the end of the video.

The final result lashes also appear to extend far beyond the influencer's natural lash line.

"Girl [be f---ing for real], you can see the lashes at the end," one person commented.

"Do the falsies come with the mascara?" another person added.

"How did you suddenly get so many extra lashes at the end??" someone else questioned.

"Please don’t insult our intelligence like this…" another viewer commented.

Mikayla's original video has been viewed over 6 million times as of publishing, and has prompted backlash from viewers and other beauty influencers, including Kathleen Lights.

"I stay out of drama, I don't wanna talk s--- about anybody, like at all. But I was on TikTok, and I saw a big influencer who I respect, and she's awesome, and I like her TikToks a lot... I'm like shaking because I'm so shocked," Kathleen said in an Instagram Story.

"It's very, very clear, but she's saying that they're not falsies. Damn, that really sucks for the rest of us who are so honest," she continued.

In one reaction to the drama, someone re-posted Mikayla's video with the caption: "POV: your brand video is due today, the product you have to advertise (mascara) is not giving, but you make it work adding a false at the end but the glue was dry [as f---] and you could not get it tightlined and you know the girlies will see it but you [don't care] and post it anyways."

Ironically, Mikayla previously posted a TikTok video about the way brands use false eyelashes to promote mascara.

"So I just lied straight to your face. These lashes? Totally fake. And that's what brands do, they lie to you about how things work," Mikayla says in the clip, which appears to have been uploaded in 2021.

Mikayla also faced backlash in September 2022 after a video resurfaced of her complaining about how difficult it is to be an influencer.

She deleted the original video, but its resurfacing brought criticism from viewers frustrated by her tone-deaf take on her privilege as an influencer.

See more reactions to the mascara drama, below:

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