Children avert your eyes from the water tower!

Fun Day for the Moore Police Department

I am willing to say this has to be a first for the Moore Police Department. Apparently the town is dealing with quite the prankster right now. The town's water tower is getting some new...decorations let's call them.

Sex Toys on the Moore Water Tower

Now this prankster is not climbing to the top of the water tower to place these here. Apparently they're using a drone to place the sex toys on the tower. This is one of those toys that has a suction cup on the end of it, so makes it a lot easier to stick up there.

Statement from the Moore Police Department on the Prank

"We are investigating this incident and whether or not charges or municipal fines will be filed once contact with the individual has been made. The Moore Police Department does not condone the actions of this individual and finds the prank inappropriate."

That's Not All, Sex Toys on Traffic Lights and Walmarts in Town

These are screenshots from a group called What's Up Moore on Facebook. It's a private group, but someone has shared video in there of the drone actually attaching the sex toy to the Walmart. They also shared pictures of the sex toy on traffic lights. Six sex toys in total have been removed.

What Would the Charges Be if the Person is Caught?

Some want this person charged with vandalism, but since this is not permanent that cannot be the charge. It looks like a misdemeanor charge of public decency would probably happen. Also if the person flying the drone flew it over an area that has a drone ordinance, that could be more charges. We will wait and see what happens. More sex toys flying around town or someone in handcuffs.

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