In the cable news race, few networks have proven to be as much of an embarrassment as MSNBC.  They're like the semi-crazy relative you just can't quite bring yourself to put into an asylum.  They drool at the dinner table, they dress like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, they talk crazy, their friends are even crazier but hey, they're family just the same.  That, I have determined, is why NBC just cannot bring themselves to put this dog down.

At any rate, while the vast majority of America was busy watching election returns on Fox News, MSNBC actually had a moment of levity that made them feel almost human.  Almost.  But oddly enough, the contributor of this brief respite from the liberal vitriol came not from veteran crazy aces Chris "The Thrill Up My Leg Is Gone" Matthews or Rachel Maddow, but Tom Brokaw.  Yes, THAT Tom Brokaw, the former king of the 5:30 newscast on parent network NBC.  During Tuesday nights Republican shellacking of Rachel's beloved liberal minions, a funny thing happened in Brokaw's pocket.  Watch below.

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