Starting Saturday, January 16, the American Red Cross will begin supplying smoke detectors to homeowners free of charge as part of the Home Fires Preparedness Campaign. In addition to installing the alarms, officials with the local chapter of the Red Cross will help homeowners develop a home escape plan in case of a fire.

According to a press release, the program has the full support of Wichita Falls mayor Glenn Barham as well as Fire Chief Jon Reese, who are encouraging residents to join them in supporting the program:

"This program will save lives," said Mayor Glenn Barham. “We have our own smoke detector program through the Fire Department that addresses the needs inside the city. The Red Cross program covers the city and 14 counties. Having a working smoke detector gives residents more time to get out of their home during a fire, before tragedy strikes."


“Smoke detectors are a vital part of everyone’s home escape plan,” said Fire Chief Jon Reese. “The Red Cross is to be commended for joining fire departments across the country in their effort to see that every home has a smoke detector. Both of our programs are free and I encourage everyone to use them to protect themselves and their family members.”

Residents of Wichita Falls, Wichita County and surrounding counties are eligible to have a free smoke detector installed in their home. To participate in the program call the American Red Cross at 940-322-8686. The Wichita Falls Fire Department also offers smoke alarm installation for residents of Wichita Falls, just call 761-7901. Both programs operate year round.