As a pet owner I've been utilizing the reduced cost services of P.E.T.S. for several years now. In the past going to their facility near the Wee-Chi-Tah sculpture had been a bit of an adventure. Especially for people with pets accustomed to quiet homes. When you stepped inside their old facility it was a constant hustle and bustle of activity, and the cacophonous chorus of dogs, cats, and people all making noise at once could be a bit overwhelming. The new P.E.T.S. facility at 3001 Central Freeway is the exact opposite.

Here’s what happened when I walked in with my cat.

Wait, let’s back up. After you contact them and schedule a time to arrive, they’ll send you a reminder text the morning of your appointment. When you get there, you reply to their message letting them know that you’re in the parking lot and waiting. When they’re ready for you they’ll send a message inviting you in their new front door.

When you step inside you really get the full impact of what they’ve done to improve their service.

Dave Diamond

You’re no longer in the Grand Central Station of people and pets that you’d been in before, you’re in a bright, spacious room with a couple friendly faces waiting to greet you. Well, they certainly acted friendly but they were masked up per COVID-19 protocols so it was a little hard to tell.

Dave Diamond

They’ll check you in and you’ll have a few minutes to wait in their colorful lobby area until the P.E.T.S. staff is ready to tend to whatever reason you were there for. In my case it was annual shots and renewed city tags for my adopted stray cat, Persi.

There were a couple other people in the lobby while I was there, one went in jut before I did and the other brought in a pair of Australian Shepherd / Blue Healer puppies that instantly got everyone’s attention.

After a few minutes you’ll be escorted to the exam room where a couple P.E.T.S. staff member will look over your pet and take care of business. It quickly becomes obvious that everyone, and I do mean everyone, who works or volunteers at P.E.T.S. genuinely cares about animals.

Once we coaxed Persi out of her carrier Selena distracted her with attention while Lorenzo expertly administered the required needle sticks.

Dave Diamond

I really don’t think my cat even noticed the needles, she certainly didn’t act like it.

When you finish there, you’re escorted to another room where you can pay your bill. This exit path doesn’t even lead through the lobby where you came in so there’s even less contact with other people or pets so as to keep animals calm and people as socially distanced as possible.

While P.E.T.S. has always been a wonderful asset to our community with low cost spaying and neutering, they have really stepped up their act with this new facility. They’ve also added a lot more services that they were not able to provide before.

You can see all of their current pricing and services, and schedule any needed appointments for your pet, on the official P.E.T.S. website.

P.E.T.S. Low Cost Spay And Neuter Clinic, now just P.E.T.S. Clinic, started with a free spay and neuter clinic presented by P.E.T.S. founder, President, and CEO, Leslie Harrelson, in conjunction with the Wichita County Humane Society in 2006. That led to another clinic, and another, then 501c3 status, then the building near the Wee-Chi-Tah monument, and just recently their new facility at 3001 Central Freeway in Wichita Falls. That's along I-44, across from the Walmart on the North side of town.

Dave Diamond

P.E.T.S. stands for Preventing Euthanasia Through Sterilization and in its short existence they have prevented more than 500,000 unwanted litters in Wichita Falls. They are largely funded by grants, but donations are always welcome.

P.E.T.S. Clinic is now in their new facility with a host of new services and officially Persi approved.

Dave Diamond

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