While many of us were heartbroken to hear the news that the Pioneer of Texas restaurant on Southwest Parkway suddenly closed down for good Tuesday, we have now confirmed that a new southern-style restaurant will be opening up at the same location.

We spoke with a representative from Sam's Southern Eatery today and they told us they will be opening a restaurant at 4517 Southwest Parkway in place of Pioneer. He said they just took possession of the keys to the building today, and after a few small updates, the new restaurant is expected to open no later than mid October.

Sam's Southern Eatery's first location was opened in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2008 and now has over 51 locations in 9 Southern states, including a recently opened restaurant in Lawton, Oklahoma.

According to Sam's Southern Eatery's website, the restaurant offers "high quality food, healthy eating options, and generous portions at competitive prices." A menu on the restaurant's website shows the cost of a 4-piece fried fish meal or two whole catfish served with two sides and three hush puppies is $8.99, the grilled version is $1 more. Po' Boys and burgers start at $7.49. However, they do say prices and menu items may vary by location.

As for Pioneer of Texas, their management says they decided to move the staff of the now-closed Southwest Parkway location to the Pioneer restaurant located on Maplewood, where they will continue to offer the same local favorites, including their famous chili enchiladas.

Here's a video explaining a little bit about Sam's Southern Eatery:

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