As if they weren't already a thorn in our side, North Korea is now threatening a "resolute and merciless response" if the U.S. government doesn't ban Seth Rogen and James Franco's upcoming movie "The Interview."

The movie follows the story of two journalists (Rogen and Franco) who get the chance to interview North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, and are then asked to assassinate him by the CIA, so you can see why the North would be a little upset.

Although it is just a movie and work of fiction (no matter how much we wish it would really happen) that hasn't stopped the North from issuing threats.

"Making and releasing a movie on a plot to hurt our top-level leadership is the most blatant act of terrorism and war and will absolutely not be tolerated," said one spokesperson for Kim Jong-Un's regime. "If the US administration allows and defends the showing of the film, a merciless counter-measure will be taken."

Personally, I'm a huge fan of both Rogen and Franco and if a little threat from North Korea stops the release of this movie there's no telling what I might do! I'm talking about going ape-sh!t crazy, y'all.

The spokesperson also went on to say that the "provocative insanity” in mobilizing a “gangster filmmaker” to defile the country’s supreme leader has led to “a gust of hatred and rage” among its citizens and soldiers, but only because their government told them to feel that way.

So should we be scared of North Korea and their 5'9" supreme leader? I don't think so. If anything they should be scared of me. I will seek revenge if they block this movie.

Plus, we are the United States of America, we're always stronger when we have a common enemy to rally against so I say bring it on North Korea.

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