A North Texas mother is saying that the Dallas Independent School District charged her $600 to get a copy of a video of her daughter being bullied.

As reported through the CNN Wire Service, Audrey Billings reached out to the Dallas ISD in November after her 5-year-old daughter complained that students were hurting her on the bus. After speaking to her daughter's principal, Billings requested to see several days of security footage from her daughter's bus, and was told it would cost her $600 for each day's footage. Billings paid for one day's footage in January and found what she was looking for.

In the video, Billings' daughter is shown being pushed and pulled, poked with pencils, and grabbed around her head by other students. Her daughter is seen trying to fight back and call out to the bus driver, but the driver did not respond.

In a statement, Dallas ISD spokeswoman Robyn L. Harris stated that the children in the video were disciplined and the bus driver was removed from the route,

Dallas ISD has taken steps to improve our transportation services to further ensure the safety of students. The district has provided additional training and monitoring. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for all students and remain committed to meeting the expectations of our parents and community.

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