For the low, low price of just $725,000,000, you can own a massive ranch in North Texas.

The famous W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch in Wilbarger County is on the market. And at over 510,000 acres, the estate is huge even by Texas standards.

This historic property lies south of Vernon and has been under the same family ownership since 1849. So for the first time ever, it's being sold.

So, if I had that kind of money and wanted to invest in a ranch, my check list would include stuff like:

  1. Does it have a lake?
  2. Does it have lots of wildlife?
  3. Does it include water rights?
  4. Has there been oil found on that there land?

In short to all the above: YES.

The estate sprawls over six counties, and pictures of the estate include oil rigs (over 1,000 wells producing oil on property), rivers and a nice sized lake, along with deer roaming the vast expanse. There are also many homes on the 800+ square mile property.

I wonder if a new owner could actually secede and become their own country or state? There is certainly enough room to do so. I also wonder what the selling agent is going to do with their commission check, since it would amount to winning a small lottery.

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