A family in Cement, OK had an unpleasant surprise when their dog found a 14-foot-long python in their front yard.

The Lara family was asleep when 15-year-old JC, who had fallen asleep on the couch, heard their dog barking in the front yard. JC stepped outside to see what the dog was barking at and he wasn't certain if he was still asleep or not, as the sight of a 14-foot python isn't something you'd expect to see in Oklahoma.

14-foot python found in yard in Cement, Oklahoma (via KSWO)

The snake is believed to be a Burmese python, usually found in Southeast Asia. JC ran into the house and woke up his father, Carmelo, who didn't immediately believe his son's description of the snake's size. Believing it to be a small garden snake, Carmelo stepped outside. As soon as Carmelo caught sight of the snake, he called for his wife to bring him his gun, telling KSWO,

I tell my wife, ‘bring my gun, bring the gun.’ She go get the gun, and I watched him, and then I tell her to do the light with the phone, and I shot him. I shot three times. I have kids, grandson and I don't want nothing to happen to them, you know? I have dogs and all that stuff, so my kid sees this thing and I'm glad he found it. What about if he don't? It would go under my trailer or something like that you know.

The Laras said that they never expected any kind of snake to find its way onto their property, having taken steps like spraying snake repellent along the outskirts of their land.

Unsure what to do with the enormous snake, the Laras called the local police and the wildlife rangers office, both of which told them as it was on their property, they could do whatever they saw fit. They also contacted the local Sheriff's department to see if a report needed to be made in the event the snake was reported as a missing pet, given the non-indigenous nature of the snake. They were told no such report was necessary.