A waitress at an IHOP in Enid, Oklahoma got a message of hate instead of a tip on Monday night.

Taylor Stewart has been a waitress at the restaurant for seven months. She says that on Monday night she was near the end of a double shift when she served a man and his three kids. She says she messed up one thing with their order, but corrected it and apologized.

According to KFOR, the man seemed very irritated and after paying his bill he stormed off. When she checked his receipt after he was gone, that's when she got the surprise.

Instead of leaving a tip, he wrote a message on the tip line of the receipt. The message said, "Gay is Wrong." Stewart at first thought it said grey and was confused before she realized it was a message of hate about her and her lifestyle.

She says she didn't recognize the man and KFOR News could not track him down from the handwriting on his receipt.