What kind of sick individual would do this to their own grandchildren? 

Geneva Robinson of Oklahoma City will be spending the rest of her life in prison for what she did to her granddaughter. She pled guilty to child abuse and neglect charges. Her boyfriend, Joshua Granger will spend thirty years in prison for helping commit the crimes. Robinson was actually sentenced to three consecutive life terms for her crimes.


She actually faced 29 counts of child abuse and neglect. Robinson would abuse her own granddaughter by dressing as a witch, whom she named “Nelda the Witch”. She would dress in all black and wear a green mask. Nelda burned the girl with cigarettes, smacked her in the face and beat her with a rolling pin.


The granddaughter was taken out of the local school, deprived of food and forced to sleep outside with the dogs. Pliers were used on the girl and she was hung from the ceiling with a dog leash. Police began the investigation back in 2014 after Robinson tried to have her granddaughter committed.

WARNING: Video Below of the Beating 

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