Somebody give these folks some Xanax.

Stress sucks. Sure, it’s part of life. But I try so hard to avoid anything that stresses me out.

But it’s inevitable. At some point during any given day, something is guaranteed to make my blood pressure rise.

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Usually, it’s all the bad drivers around here that really grinds my gears. You know, the ones who aren’t familiar with that mysterious gadget on the steering column known as a turn signal. Yes, not using your turn signal is a major pet peeve of mine.

And did I mention that I have two teenagers in my home?

Those two are like a couple of bottomless pits. They could each eat 20 chicken nuggets and a bunch of fries and be looking for a snack a half hour later. Yeah, our grocery budget is insane these days.

Don’t forget about that pesky old job either. Those things are always good for pushing your nerves to the limit. That’s why I work in radio. I’ve had a few jobs in the past and I’m not a fan.

But it’s important to point out that your environment contributes to stress levels.

And I hate to break it to the folks in Killeen, but your environment isn’t exactly the best for reducing stress. A study conducted by LawnStarter found that Killeen is among the 10 most stressed cities in 2023.

But hey, at least you don’t live in Detroit, Michigan, the city that was determined to be THE most stressed city in the United States.

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