Recent changes to the Transportation Security Administration’s screening guidelines for airport security checkpoints have been raising a lot of eyebrows. One man’s attempt to express his displeasure at these measures also raised some eyebrows for all the wrong reasons.

John E. Brennan, 50, went through a security checkpoint at Portland International Airport in Oregon on his way to catch a flight on Alaska Airlines. When he reached the metal detector, he…well, let’s just say he took off a lot more than his shoes.

Portland Police said Brennan stripped off all of his clothing in the airport security line and refused to put his clothes back on at the behest of airport security officials. He did this in full view of the other passengers waiting in line including several children. His little stunt also forced TSA officials to close two lanes of the screening area.

Brennan later told police that he de-pantsed himself to protest the TSA’s screeners who he “felt were harassing him,” according to the police report. Police charged him with two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

Several witnesses who were also waiting in the screening line caught a glimpse of Brennan’s protest on their camera phones. It goes without saying that even though the offended parts have been blocked out, they are still probably not safe for work unless your goal is to forever endure the wrath of your office’s HR department.

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