I made a promise to myself when I was in high school and I am a man of my word.

The Baltimore Orioles Have a New Owner

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Pictured above is David Rubenstein the new billionaire owner for my Baltimore Orioles. I truly never thought this day would come where the Angelos family would sell their majority stake of the team. I know I am talking inside Maryland here for all of my Texas people, but John Angelos has made my life a living hell for years now.

Old Orioles Owner John Angelos

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^This f***ing guy has ruined my life more times than I can count. His father Peter Angelos bought the team in 1993, in the mid 2010s. Peter's health declined and he turned over the Orioles to his son John who has made this organization one of the biggest jokes in Major League Baseball. So I made a promise to myself almost two decades ago.

Free The Birds 2006

^I know only Orioles fans will remember this game. The game where "Sell the Team' chants reigned down and fans walked out in the middle of the game singing songs. On this date, I swore if the Angelo's family ever sold. I would buy Orioles season tickets and last night I did.

Orioles season tickets

Since I was five-years-old I have wanted Orioles season tickets and last night I officially became one. Look I work in radio, so I can't afford a whole season. So I pretty much have every Sunday game for the 2024 season. Is this incredibly stupid since I live in Wichita Falls, Texas? Yes, it's extremely stupid, but I hate John Angelos more than any human on this planet. I am aware he still owns some stake in the team, but I hope he spends his years being a silent partner and I never have to see his stupid punchable face ever again.

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Go O's! My mom or high school friends will be using these tickets for the season. I may be lucky to go to one or two games this year in Baltimore. We will wait and see if I even sit in these seats. I still can't believe that this day has come, I might go buy champagne tonight.

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