As an Orioles fan, I wanted to comment on this situation that is making headlines right now.

What The Hell Is Going On?

I am one of those fans that is crazy about my sports teams. My Baltimore Orioles will play 162 regular season games this year, I probably watch about 130. Of course I miss the occasional game due to life obligations, but if the Orioles are playing I am at home watching the game. For some reason, one of my announcers is currently suspended and everyone has the same question, why?

Watch the 'Suspension Worthy' Clip Below

As I said, I watch every possible Orioles game I can and I damn sure didn't miss this one above. This series was for first place in the AL East. Apparently Kevin Brown has been suspended for his comments during the game in late July. I was watching and when I heard about the suspension I had no idea what he did. The clip above is why he's currently suspended from broadcasting Orioles games.

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Did I miss a curse word? A racial slur? Did Kevin slip a nip on live TV? Nope...he read out stats on live television. You see, as an Orioles fan. The last few years have been rough. Multiple 100 loss seasons, but good times are ahead for the franchise. That is what this segment was about. If the Orioles want to prove they're good team, they will need to win in Tampa. Which they did by the way.

How Are These Comments Suspension Worthy?

Here is what makes the Baltimore Orioles different than the majority of MLB teams. The Baltimore Orioles own the network they broadcast on. I am aware a few select teams also do this, but since the Angelos family purchased the team they do not like announcers talking negatively about the franchise.

Sadly This is Nothing New in Baltimore

Growing up in the 1990's, my Orioles broadcaster was Jon Miller. When I picture Orioles calls in my head, it's typically Jon's voice in Baltimore. Sadly Jon was fired after the 1996 season, why? Criticizing some of the franchises moves on air. Jon has been calling games for the San Francisco Giants ever since and they're lucky to have him.

What Now for Kevin Brown?

According to the Orioles his first game back will be August 11th and I know that many will be glad to have him back. I have wanted the Angelos family to sell the Orioles for MANY years now. I hope one day they do. Last night several MLB announcers around the league criticized the move during their games and I will put those below.

New York Mets Comment on Kevin Brown

Chicago White Sox Comment on Kevin Brown

Yankees Comment on Kevin Brown

Red Sox Comment on Kevin Brown

Angels Comment on Kevin Brown

We will see what the future holds for my Baltimore Orioles and for Kevin Brown. I want him to stay and hopefully over the next few days he sees all of the positive attention he's getting because he did nothing wrong. Sadly the Angelo's family is a bunch of spineless dweebs who can't handle actual statistics.

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